"People Are Strange" is a single released by the American rock band the Doors in September 1967 from their second album Strange Days. It was written by Jim Morrison and Robby Krieger although credit was given to the Doors evenly.

"People Are Strange" was composed after guitarist Robby Krieger and a depressed Jim Morrison had walked to the top of Laurel Canyon. The band's drummer, John Densmore, recalled the song's writing process in his book Riders on the Storm. He and Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, who had then been roommates, were visited by Jim Morrison, who appeared to be "deeply depressed." At Krieger's suggestion, they took a walk along Laurel Canyon. Morrison returned from the walk "euphoric" with the early lyrics of "People Are Strange." Intrigued by the new lyrics, Krieger was convinced that the song was a hit upon hearing the vocal melody.

Morrison said - 'Yeah, I feel really good about this one. It just came to me all of a sudden ... in a flash - as I was sitting up there on the ridge looking out over the city. His eyes were wild with excitement. 'I scribbled it down as fast as I could. It felt great to be writing again.' He looked down at the crumpled paper in his hand and sang the chorus in his haunting blues voice.

— John Densmore

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